3rd Annual Roger Berg Memorial Golf Outing

The Roger Berg Memorial Golf Outing was started by the Berg Family in order to continue to celebrate the life of Roger Berg, who lost his short but extremely tough battle with Melanoma on January 29, 2008.  During his 58 years, Roger had such a wonderful impact on so many people, especially his family.  We cherish those memories and hope to create many more in his honor by continuing our efforts to raise awareness for Melanoma. We contribute the monies raised to The American Melanoma Foundation to help them continue their mission to further support research for new treatments in Melanoma; contribute to the general community with education and awareness programs; and help the patients and their families through patient support groups. Please join us in our mission to rid the world of Melanoma so that other families do not have to experience losing their loved one!


To promote sun protection and skin cancer prevention, the American Melanoma Foundation (AMF), participates in community events through out the year. Help us locate community events in your area that we can participate in. E-mail us event dates and details.
Contact The American Melanoma Foundation.

Our mission is to create a greater awareness of the risks of prolonged sun exposure and offer tips to prevent skin damage.

Please call the AMF office to confirm date/time/location of the next meeting. Open to all melanoma patients, family and friends.
Check our Melanoma Patient Support page.


Upcoming Events: (New events will be posted when booked.)