School Programs

School Programs

The United States of America’s Environmental Protection Agency has developed a school program called SunWise. The program includes a tool kit containing cross-curricular classroom lessons and background information. The Tool Kit is free to registered schools. The Tool Kit consists of a variety of fun, developmentally appropriate activities that combine education about sun protection and the environment with other aspects of learning.

The Kit includes activities focusing on:

  • The science behind UV radiation and stratospheric ozone
  • The health risks from overexposure to UV radiation
  • The steps you can take to protect yourself.

The Kit contains classroom activities for K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 grade levels. In keeping with the intent of making these lessons hands-on and fun, the Kit also includes tools such as a UV-sensitive frisbee, and the On the Trail of the Missing Ozone comic book, which reinforce the sun safety lessons. Finally, to reward your students for their participation in the SunWise program, we have also created the easily photocopied Certificate of SunWisdom. The Tool Kit contains an additional section targeting school policy, which gives guidance on how to institute sun safety changes outside the classroom. In addition, the Tool Kit is now available in Spanish.

To obtain your free SunWise Tool Kit for your school, go to their website at: